Yeni Teknolojili Teleskop Telemetre

1. Laser Echo Center Detection Technology (LECD Technology)

Adopt the LECD technology which can make sure when lasers illuminates to the different reflection objects, it will intelligent identify the ranging distance within the accuracy resolution. No need to worry about the reflection of different objects.

2. Inner Red LCD Display

800PRO range finder integrates the advanced technology of Emission Projection Display(EPD), to replace traditional Transmission Display LCD screen, which upgrades products performance in below two points:
1)Emission Projection Display Screen solves the problem of unable to recognize reading from rangefinder in dark circumstance.
2)The optics light transmittance has been improved to a great extent, higher glass transparency.
teleskop telemetre

3. Rangefinder with Digital Camera

Adopt the new technology of digital camera with laser rangefinder,which is very user friendly. No need to focus with monocular scope, makes it easy for you to read your measurements and share with your buddies or friends for the videos during your game.