Telemetre için isteğe bağlı aksesuarlar | En İyi Telemetre Fabrikası

Belt buckle Used to hang Leica Distone on the belt for quick and easy access.
Not applicable to Leica Distone lite5.
Reflective board Target board—(A4) 210 x 297mm.
Double-sided, white (short distance, 30 meters) and brown (long distance
The cross reflection board can be attached to the target under test. Suitable for indoor use, such as shop halls. Target board size: 73x98mm/147*98mm.
Visible laser glasses In bright indoor or outdoor, with the help of red laser glasses, the visible range of laser points can be increased to 10-15m.
Soft backpack Soft backpack, black. Protect all types of Leica Distons from dust and collisions. The internal partition can put the user manual, RS232 data cable, BFT4 telescope sight and handheld computer.
En İyi Telemetre Fabrikası